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Arrived at the ferry dock and we had 20 minutes to shop! Captain Duncan of the Coast Guard is responsible for the lights on the Cape, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Rhode Island.

Elizabeth Pezalla, a college student from Vassar, was drawing ink and water color pictures of the lighthouse. We told her we'd look for her paintings in the future when she's famous. The International Inn in Hyannis will be our accomodations for the night. They have made big changes to the original structure including putting couches in an oversized lantern room to watch the sunsets! A second house was build in 1877 with 2 towers to distinguish it from the one on the tip of Cape Cod. Arrived at Nauset Beach Lighthouse which we entered through the National Seashore at Salt Pond. We were given a tour by this charming couple who retired and moved to this area.

Because of erosion, the light was in danger at 37' from the cliff, so it was moved in November 1996 to its present location - again 200' from the cliff.

The keepers dwelling is still in danger and negotiations are in process with its owner and the Park Service to have it moved to a safer spot.

Metro divers searched the area and were also unable to locate the missing teen.