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Bacchus cuves ciment can hold up to 1981 gallons of wine.

Chemo has a capacity of 528 gallons making it ideal for home wine makers.

The most common wine is made of fully matured grapes.

Our local guide will explain you when it is the best to do which ride every day. In July, the Festival of Avignon is a huge performing arts program at multiple venues. Day : 1, 2, 3, 4 A charming hotel in Avignon, located in the very heart of the Pope's City, in a small quiet street.

Day trips by minivan are easily arranged by us as well to lavender sites, olive presses, and villages of the Luberon and beyond. Near the Tourism Office and the antic walls, the hotel welcomes you in a XVIIIth century house.

Wild grapes are used in lesser amounts than the domestic ones due to their high flavour and acidity.

The equipment and conditions in the fermentation cellar ensure that all the necessary conditions are met for the perfect fermentation to take place.

This especially includes the temperatures that give the yeast and sugar perfect conditions to activate the process.