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Parking areas, driving aisles within parking areas, and private highway-rail grade crossings are also not included in this definition." Return to Top : No, States and local agencies are not required to use metric units.

The 2009 MUTCD uses only English units, but metric equivalents for all English unit values in the MUTCD are provided in Appendix A2 of the MUTCD so that those who choose to use metric measurements will have them available. On private roads open to public travel, the owner is responsible, although in some jurisdictions the State or local governments may exercise some approval requirements over private road traffic control devices, especially in the development approval process and in building and occupancy permits.

The FHWA previously relied on periodic updates, usually every 2 to 3 years, to revise existing manuals.

The 1988 edition was updated with many revised pages seven separate times over a period of 12 years, until a new edition was produced in 2000.

The practice of keeping field personnel abreast of amendments to the MUTCD by mailing updates proved unsatisfactory because traffic planners and engineers had difficulty identifying whether or not they were applying the most recent "updated" version.