Taylor lautner dating 2016

“🕶🇬🇧🕶 #fashun #thelondonlook #sunsoutbunsout #sunglasswithclass #mateswhoelevate #blaséontheoutsideblessedontheinside,” Billie captioned the colorful version of the pic on her own Instagram.

Taylor Lautner is by his rumored girlfriend Billie Lourd‘s side amid the loss of her mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds within one day.

While this makes him a single man, there is not indication that he is looking for a relationship with Stewart.

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Apparently, Lautner and Stewart arrived together for the evening but left in separate vehicles.

Lautner departed the bar with a different girl while Stewart remained behind with her friends.

Soon, she was on her way to Los Angeles on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Since then she's had roles in multiple TV series (Fringe, Eureka, 90210, The In Betweeners), TV movies (Fugitive at 17) and a few feature films (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, 50/50).

Stewart was then asked if she would ever come out and publicly announce her sexual preference, to which she responded in vague terms.