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It is important to stress that due to the nature of chorography, collating facts from a number of sources at different points in time, the dating of the texts is necessarily diffuse.

For example, there a specific date of 1620 given describing a past event (f.87), as well as a brief description of the Fife Adventurers.

The texts attributed to others (see above) are dateable to the 1640s.

Principal Source Documents by, or deriving from Timothy Pont. V (1654), which were published accompanying the Blaeu maps in an amended form.

Apart from textual endorsements of varying length which can be found on most of Pont's maps, there are three main sources of surviving textual material by Pont, although none of these are in Pont's own handwriting. It also includes some general chorographic descriptions of many parts of northern and western Scotland, interspersed with detailed notes taking the form of an itinerary or survey.

Pont maps | Pont texts | biographies | history | subjects | further reading Source documents | Authorship | Dating | Content and value Background information on the main textual materials relating to Timothy Pont by Christopher Fleet Introduction Timothy Pont's survey of Scotland involved the compilation of both maps and textual descriptions, and whilst his maps are the major surviving body of source evidence, his textual descriptions are arguably an essential accompaniment.