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, Pratt firmly establishes the fact that the action in the novel takes place several years after that of the first adventure.

The reader is informed on page six that Nina Gibson’s fiance was murdered on “Saturday, August tenth.” This date falls in 1957, 1963, 19.

I’ve always felt that , so I wouldn’t be adverse to placing it in 1957 except for Pratt’s other reasoning: it conflicts with Mc Gee’s biography (as surmised by Pratt) that in October of 1957 Mc Gee would be a rookie on a never-named professional football team..

Although published in 1965, Pratt “firmly” places the action of the book in 1962.

I read them in the order they had been published, and when I finished I started on the “stand alone” novels, beginning at the beginning and carefully obeying the proper publication order (which was not easy then) until I had finished the appropriately titled But just as my presumed order of the stand alone novels was probably in error, so too was my reading of the Travis Mc Gee books, at least in relation to the world and timelines established within the works themselves.