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The department has notified the headmasters of government school in the district to carry out a survey to identify the children who have already sought Aadhaar so they can be left out from the latest drive.

As on October 31 this year, a total of 5,97,90,562 persons across the State had been covered under the NPR, of them, 5,48,99,598 were given Aadhaar numbers.

“As per the Census 2011, the population of Tamil Nadu was 7,21,47,030, of them 82.87 per cent had been covered under the NPR and Aadhaar numbers were given to 76.09 per cent of them,” he said.

‘Hijra Farsi’ is the transgender dialect, a mix of Urdu, Hindi and Persian spoken in the northern belt of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and ‘Kothi Baashai’ is spoken by the transgender community in Karnataka, Andhra, Orissa and parts of Tamil Nadu.

“They even have sign languages and typical mannerisms to communicate.

Another 850 persons are expected to join later this month,” said M. “We have already conducted two camps in every region and are now in the process of holding a ‘mop up’ round.