Ukrainian dating forum

Then with your new found information you can send it to her (again, whomever) to let her know you're no fool. No they are not after me lol but the men from poor third world countries are constantly messaging me telling me that they have fallen in love with me just by looking at my pictures.

How dumb would someone have to be to fall for that crap.

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If you should happen to discover that a Russian/Ukraine girl has locked onto you as a love interest and you're suspicious try this: Google the first few lines of the first message sent to you.

Doing this may lead you to all her (or whomever) activities on the net.

So called Russian scammers, sign up on Fish then send messages for guys to contact them at such and such Email address.

When they contact you back, included is the picture of a pretty girl whomever with a message about looking for a guy and so on.

You guys really wanted to meet people from that area you should sign up on their facebook site.