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This works like a charm and i really don't understand why this is not answer N°1! I then chose option 2) "XMGR and UIDE.." obeying advice 6) from above.

I downloaded the latest System Rescue CD (4.2) and created a Live USB what is explained very straight forward on their homepage. For those who don't know (WIN)DOS world: Change drive witch simple This worked like a charm for me updating my Dell D630 to A19.

Dell likely re-compiled their exe files and they are now working in DOS mode (no win64 as i mentioned 1 comment above) - that said this answer won't help anymore.

RAOF' answer (Free Dos on USB) helped [email protected] I expect in the post-win7 era Dell have realised they need something a little more future-proof.

After downloading the suitable file, use Dos Box to extract it: In the Dos Box window, type the name of the executable.