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General News = A report of a recent event; intelligence or information that is not limited to one class, field, product or service. The game has an unexplainable attraction that convinces the player they are having fun, despite the fact that all they are doing is performing repetitive tasks to increase their statistics."The game is actually a graphical nightmare and its gameplay is simple at best.

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Emulate & automate any challenge in-game on BOTH versions of Rune Scape™.

Experience the evolved & perfectly complete intelligence of Epic Bot™.

We’d encourage all of you who have scripts or i BOT to delete them and certainly not to try and use or develop them.

We’ve not been able to fix them anyway following Bot Nuke week, but if you did manage to get them working again, you’d be open to the same claims Jagex has made against us.

We are also prevented by injunction from doing a number of things in the future, including developing botting software, helping other people develop or use botting software or talking about Jagex, the lawsuit or Rune Scape.