Validating identity wireless error Dating quote

In accordance with the NDSU Computer Use Policy and the North Dakota University System Computer Use Policy, secure network access is granted only to NDSU faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests. The wireless networks called Eduroam, NDSU Secure, NDSU Limited, and NDSU Instructions are the only official networks provided by NDSU. For security reasons, only authorized wireless networks should be used.

Other access points are unauthorized and violate NDSU and N.

So basically, I keep getting an error when i try to connect to my own network "VALIDATING IDENTITY Windows was unable to find a certificant to log you on to the the network" I entered the correct network key that was setup with the router and im really frustrated because i tried everything in the options and nothing works.

I searched on the internet who had similar problems and none of those helps as well Anyhow, does anyone know what to do to solve this ?

You probably should also turn off all AV and internal firewalls on all active computers on the network while troubleshooting the above steps.

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