Vista reliability monitor is not updating

In addition, if you save this configuration as a template, you can collect the same log on subsequent computers without repeating the data collector selection and scheduling processes.

The most significant advantage of Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor over previous individual tools like System Monitor, Performance Logs and Alerts, and Server Performance Advisor is that it combines the functionality of those tools into a single interface with common methods for defining the data to be collected.

The Data Collector Set makes a group of counters portable.

Resource View in Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor provides a much more in-depth view of system activity and resource usage than previous tools like Task Manager.

The ability to view resource usage by process helps you identify problem applications quickly, isolate and shut down resource-intensive processes, and plan for the distribution of server roles and applications across multiple servers as infrastructure grows.

Once a group of data collectors is stored as a Data Collector Set, operations such as scheduling can be applied to the entire set through a single property change.