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"We have lots of supplies and our home is pretty far inland so I'm pretty confident that they will be able to ride out the storm." "It's tough [to leave them behind to ride out the Hurricane] but what makes it easier is having the support system in place that we do have such as friends and neighbors," he said.

"And, all of our squadron mates back home are looking out for them. In addition, the accountability measure the Navy has helps keep track of all family members in the event of a natural disaster such as this." "And my wife...she's a Navy wife.

And his first words while making Rihanna's acquaintance? In a recent People Magazine article, which someone close to Markle claims the actress is “head over heels” for Harry and is “doing everything she can to make the relationship work." This person added: "It’s been an absolute fairy tale for Meghan." Seriously. So it certainly seems as if Markle and Harry are doing quite well. Better than anyone likely would have expected when news of this romance first went viral.

Was Harry able to resist the temptation of taking things further than mere pleasantries? For the sake of Markle, who seems very nice, let's hope so.

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