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Bareilles also made an effort to recruit more collaborators for her third album: Along with producers John O'Mahoney and Mark Endert, the singer met with fun.'s Jack Antonoff for a potential co-writing opportunity.

"I was introduced to Jack through Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara," Bareilles says.

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" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" around the album's release date.

Sara Bareilles 'Makes a Record' Webisode: Exclusive Video Premiere Meanwhile, the music video for "Brave" -- directed by Rashida Jones and starring a bunch of wildly uninhibited dancers beckoning to Bareilles' call of "I wanna see you be brave!

That was defiantly a sign that the pop scene has changed and a lot of pop culture places were really going to open up their arms to us, which was really exciting.

As musicians who didn’t get radio play for most of their career, we recognized how important placement in television and film was.

TQ: Yeah, that was significant because we weren’t getting radio play.