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J.’s oversized pads to make the minimum weight.“We told him, ‘You’ve got to slow down.

You can’t play everything,’” recalled his father, Ed Zbikowski. He took the punt and burst around the right edge, a blur of green and gold, chugging through a seam as the volume cranked with each purposeful stride.

“He would always quit the sport that he just finished up with. He shed his first tackle just inside the USC 25, then another at the 20, and another at the 10, obliterating Trojans like a monster truck crushing rows of broken cars.“I was attacking each individual. You have to make those first couple miss, but then you have to attack people that are trying to tackle you.

He would say, ‘I’m not going to do that anymore.’“I’ve seen this guy eat an uncooked steak with the blood dripping off of it,” Rhema Mc Knight, Zbikowski’s teammate at Notre Dame, said with a laugh. That time, I was attacking them pretty violently, with bad intentions.”That’s how Zbikowski attacked his entire college career.

That was followed by 12 at the University of Illinois, 8 at Illinois State, six at Western Illinois University and four at Eastern Illinois University. Survivor John Raymond of Mount Prospect tells me Mc Donnell visited him in the hospital as he was recovering.