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I’ve summarized the technique in this short video – Kinda nifty, isn’t it?

As a disabled person the social worlds I can now access through my devices that fit on my knee are great, Facebook means I can keep up with friends in real life and communicate, share in thier joy and allow others to share in mine as I go through life with a disability and show others that my difficulties do not mean disaster, not by a long shot.

While Twitter has allowed me to make friends far and wide with people who would otherwise be strangers, I share experiences good and bad, complain to companies and follow some hilarious folk that are always full of advice.

Like any Twenty (pushing thirty, but keep that quiet, yeah) woman I have grown up with a social media influenced life..

It started with MSN messenger, and my notoriously bad, failing attempts at flirting with that boy I liked for an hour on a weeknight and most Saturday mornings, after SM:tv Live of course.

I just want to have a laugh, talk about food, and make you realise I am the human embodiment of Bridget Jones.