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Name: Paul Rosano Location: Cheshire, CT USA Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: AM Jack, I hope you are well my friend. The imagry of the soundscape was an essental component of the times that significantly contibuted to propelling the inertia of whatever that counter-culture scene was forward. When I saw you at the Bottom Line with Ginger, I'll never how great that show was becasue I taped both sets.

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You are a hero to this young band - and we need your continued leadership in the MUSIC world. Dan Ross ROSS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP Manager THE LUCKY 13 BAND - we are friends of Pete Brown too.

Name: Mike Moran Location: Fall River, Massachusetts, USA Email: [email protected]: 12/15/2003 Time: PM Jack: Here's hoping your recovery is steadily moving forward.

Whenever we sell this book your amazing and imporatnt muscial contributions to the story of the development of the popular music of the previous century will be duely noted and lauded.

Gordon Edwards of Stuff, along with a number of other professional musicans I know; wrote a nice recommedation for this book to use in advertizements and on the back and inside covers to help sell the book.

Yours Bernhard Name: Dennis Stockden Location: Wilsden near Bradford Email: [email protected]: 12/13/2003 Time: PM Glad to here things are going well. I hope you are okay and after the liver transplant your are going well. Name: Ifor Sheldon Location: Newbury, Berkshire, England Email: [email protected]: 12/14/2003 Time: PM I hope your recovery continues.