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That’s not exactly NASCAR money, especially as the newer, competitive 600-plus-hp rigs (they are always “rigs” or “buggies” and never “cars”) cost somewhere in the neighborhood of ,000 to build. Trails are cut for the race the day before the event, with the organizers and volunteers doing the heavy lifting and chain-sawing down of inconveniently located trees.And the series doesn’t visit a location north of Kentucky or west of Arkansas, so it is, as the name implies, a Southern thing, with roots among the hell-raisers of Tennessee.

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Yes, like monster trucks, rock bouncers often are christened with names that are sometimes thematic and sometimes just happily crude, such as X-Rated, Phat N Rowdy, Showtime, Plowboy, and Fat Girl.

If you think this sounds like the most redneck thing you’ve ever heard of, well, you’re only partly correct.

Hillbilly Deluxe is owned and driven not by a hillbilly, but by a man from Big Rapids, Michigan, who owns a successful commercial-tire business and re-tread facility.

The owner/driver roster is, in fact, chock-full of successful small-business owners.

The event evidences the world’s highest concentration of people, competitors and spectators, wearing T-shirts on which are pasted rude pledges of allegiance to a certain lifestyle (“I ♥ Guns & Titties”).